There are two sides to everyone: the “real” person that resides deep down inside of each of us, and the “mask” we wear for the rest of the world to see. Many live their lives afraid to explore that inner self, a side of them born out of pain and suffering and disappointment. Fear of getting lost in it and losing control over it keep the darkness suppressed and ignored. With my art, I want to bring that darkness to light. I use my experience in B&W photography and theatrical lighting to create dramatic atmospheres that play with shadows and light to illustrate the dichotomy that exists in each of us. My goal is to inspire people to see the beauty in the darkness. I want people to step out of their comfort zones. I want them to think. I want them to stop being afraid of their inner darkness because ultimately it is only through that darkness that we can appreciate the light.


Born in Los Angeles, California, vyktohria currently lives in Austin, Texas where she works as freelance a 3D content creator, specializing in making hyper-realistic female characters. As a digital artist, her work is strongly influenced and inspired by abstract and surreal art, particularly the works of Salvador Dali and contemporary digital artist David Ho. “I think what affects me most about surreal and abstract art is how the images transcend language. When you look at these pieces of art, you can’t help but have an immediate emotional reaction to it. Emotions – passions – are what drive me in this world.” Other sources of inspiration come from an almost obsessive addiction to great pin-up artists like De Berardinis, Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren. “Pin-up art is interesting to me on several levels. Of course there’s the superficial appeal that consists of scantily-clad girls with beautiful body lines, but more importantly, pin-up art represents the embodiment of female sensuality and sexuality. It is a raw force like none other, and its power has never been more perfectly channeled than through that of the classic pin-up.” Motivated by an intrinsic desire to contribute something beautiful and lasting to the world, vyktohria is completely self-taught and her interest in creating digital art continues to grow. Never setting limits on the boundaries of her knowledge, she is always looking for new things to learn about the art world and digital art creation.