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   As an artist, vyktohria’s work is strongly influenced and inspired by the works of great pin-up  artists like Olivia, Vargas and Elvgren. “Pin-up art is interesting to me on several levels. Of  course there's the superficial level that consists of scantily-clad girls with beautiful body  lines, but more importantly, pin-up art represents the embodiment of female sensuality  and sexuality.  It is a raw force like none other, and its power has never been more  perfectly channeled than through that of the classic pin-up.” Other sources of  inspiration come from an almost obsessive addiction to abstract and surreal art. “I  think what affects me most about surreal and abstract art is how the images  transcend language. When you look at these pieces of art, you can't help but have  an immediate emotional reaction to it. Emotions – passions – are what drive me  in this world.”      Born in Los Angeles, California, vyktohria first became interested in digital  art in 1995 when her father gave her a CD package containing some new, up-  and-coming computer software which at the time included Aldus Photostyler  and KAI PowerTools. “I went home that day and created some silly little piece,  and after that I was totally hooked.”  A few years later a friend introduced her  to Photoshop, and it was love at first sight. Her introduction to the 3D side of  digital artistry happened in 2008 when she came across an ad in a magazine  for some free 3D software. “In the past, I had always been intimidated by 3D,  thinking it was way too difficult to learn. But fascinated by its potential use in  art, I decided to give it a try. Now I'm equally obsessed – if not more so – with  all things 3D as well.” Motivated by an intrinsic desire to contribute something  beautiful and lasting to the world, vyktohria is completely self-taught and her  interests in digital art continue to grow. Never setting limits on the boundaries of her knowledge, she is always looking for new things to learn about digital art.      In addition to being a digital artist, vyktohria is currently a 3D content creator,  writer, professional photographer and anthropologist. She has degrees in Creative  Writing and Anthropology and a Master’s Degree in Evolutionary Ecology. “At the end of  the day, I am grateful to know all the things I am doing with my life are things I truly love  and enjoy. Not many people can say that. I wake up every morning sincerely grateful to be  one of the lucky ones who can.”   She is currently in the process of completing her first novel as well as working on a second digital  art book. In her spare time she can be seen hanging out with her Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Club  friends or trolling around the east side of downtown Austin listening to local bands and indulging in  her foodie tendencies.